Kingdom of Ash Giveaway!

Hello all!

So I’ve been away for a while lately due to College kicking my butt (it’s the Maths) BUT! I am back to announce my giveaway I’ve been planning since I bought my ticket to my first ever BOOK SIGNING! YAY! I’m lucky enough to live a relatively short distance from L.A. so you bet your butt I was stalking the event site waiting to scoop up my tickets!! And I was just in time because as soon as I finished checking out it was SOLD OUT! In under 5 min! CRAZY. Now I know not everyone loves the series or SJM but, I still do! (I actually like to see why others don’t and while there are many great valid reasons, I binged ALL of her books while I was on maternity leave so they kind of hold a special place in my heart). And I cannot wait to read this darn book I’ve been waiting so long for!


I will have FOUR different copies by the 29th! But I will be giving away TWO:

  • The Tour Edition + ALL the merch!
  • Barnes & Noble Edition/Regular (just the book) – Side note: This edition is sold out online but I will be getting this copy the day of release because every other copy i’ll be getting is just too long of a wait, plus I want to have finished the book before the signing. (REALLY hoping they don’t sell out in-store). If they do, it will just be a regular version of the book. (Every copy will include Sarah’s signature on the front).

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  1. Enter through Rafflecopter and gain as many entries as you can!





I will be choosing a winner on the 1st of November, so 2 weeks from now! So that I can ship ASAP! Hopefully that weekend as I won’t be getting the tour copy until the 29th.

FIRST WINNER will be receiving the U.S. TOUR EDITION + GOODIES:

  • Signed, Tour edition copy of Kingdom of Ash
  • Exclusive new Throne of Glass tote bag
  • Exclusive print featuring art by Charlie Bowater
  • Exclusive Kingdom of Ash Tour button

SECOND WINNER will be getting the B&N Edition! (book only)

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As I said I’ve been planning this giveaway for a while now and saving up to be able to ship INTERNATIONALLY! This giveaway is open to EVERYONE! I really wanted to participate in #bookishwish over on Twitter a while ago but it wasn’t possible at the time so I can make sure this was! I think that’s it! If you have any questions, ask away!♥ Or any tips lol thanks!







48 thoughts on “Kingdom of Ash Giveaway!

  1. I am absolutely thrilled and excited about the characters written in this story, it sounds like it will be a rollar coaster of adventure and excitement in every chapter, I am filled with happiness about the chance to read this book at home with a bowl of double chocolate brownie sundae topped with whipped cream, caramel and sprinkles!!! This book will bring me so much joy!!! I am smiling as I write this, because its so true! A good book brings so much happiness and joy and it always brightens my day!! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to enter. I hope that you have an amazing day! Cheers for Kingdom of Ash!!!!

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    • I LOVE your comment! Thanks so much for answering the question, I’m barely on page 3 myself lol I just haven’t had time to read and I really want to savor this book! But I really hope you have the chance to read this book how you described it sounds amazing! 💕 🙂 Best of luck to you!! Thanks for participating!


  2. Thank you for the opportunity ❤️ I’m afraid that someone important dies 😣 I have faith in Aelin and Rowan stay alive, bc I can’t live in calm knowing if they die. I think Sarah has been good and will give us the final they deserved 🙏🏻

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  3. I AM SOOO EXCITED TO READ IT!! I just want Rowan and Aelin to be back together, and Lorcan and Elide are, at the moment, my favorite couple.
    I’m kind of ‘scared’ of being disappointed, since it’s the last book (*sniff, sniff*), and I kinda’ hope I get my heart shattered and then rebuilt by this book.
    Lots of love from Mexico!

    PD: What are you most excited/scared for in this book?

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    • This is EXACTLY what I want out of this book also lol!! I really want to enjoy this last book though so I am not rushing through it at all like I thought I would! But from what I’ve seen being posted there is definitely heartbreak! 😦 But also many comments about the series being ended perfectly so there’s that to look forward to! Thanks for participating! 💕 🙂


  4. For me as well, the Throne of Glass series is one of those that have a special place in my heart for personal motives. But in my case, these books came to my life when I needed a happy place, and because of that, I have an emotional attachment to this story and to the characters. Every book in the series always had me excited, and KoA is not the exception. But unlike the other ones, I’m scared for this one, because the minute my hands touch this book, I know it will be over. Still, the excitement is bigger and stronger than any other feeling, and I cannot wait to have the chance to get a copy and devour it! Thank you so, so much for this incredible giveaway, Anyssa! And a special ‘thank you’ for opening this to INT readers as well – most of the time, we don’t get to have special editions, so this is a real treat ♥ ♥ ♥

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m very glad these books mean so much to you, I too found them at a needed time and they were everything to me! I really hope you get a chance to start reading this very soon! ♥ 🙂


  5. hi, lovely! to be honest, i started reading throne of glass two weeks ago. so far, i’m really enjoying it, but of course, i can’t say much about what i expect of this final book. i have a loooong way to go!! the reason i’m entering your giveaway is because i’d love to win to give the copy to a friend of mine, theresa. she was the one that convinced me to start this series, and i know she’d absolutely adore to receive this book for her birthday – she’s a huge sjm fan, and this is one of her fav series! hope i’m still eligible, since the copy wouldn’t be for me! thank you so much! xoxo

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