August Wrap-Up: LIFE

fading arrow  So I completely FAILED this month. It shook me because it’s very unlike me. I haven’t had a month of NO READING in a very very long time! I read The Wicked King but after that I was in a MOOD. TWK was a book that left me thinking about it days, even weeks after! But then I just couldn’t get into any other book that I just felt I was forcing myself to read and it wasn’t enjoyable. Even Twitter became stressful, I got social anxiety ONLINE where people go to get away from that. I still have a hard time interacting sometimes and it just sucks. I haven’t even been able to do Tags and those are so muvh fun! This month was not a good reading month in general and I kept repeating that to myself and I felt like such a failure that I started to question what I was doing trying to blog in the first place. I was putting pressure on myself TO read when I think that was further pushing me away from it. There was A LOT going on already and on top of that, I haven’t been able to get back into a good head space to read. I’m going to avoid my ARCs and jump into a good book to help me out. I’m thinking Mirage or Six of Crows (because I bought both books a year ago and I keep telling myself “after this book” and it just never happens, so it just might!) I really think reading something I’M DYING EXCITED for will help! STRESS has just gotten the better of me this month. How do you mother bloggers do it?

Working full-time and being a full-time wife/mom + College is tough. Throw in a part-time job of reading&blogging and it just started to feel forced and stressful and that is the last thing I want this to feel like! Reading has always been the thing to RELIEVE my stress not add to it!


But I want to thank everyone who’s come to my blog! I will continue to blog because the bottom line is.. I love books. I love to talk about them and fangirl with everyone! I will never be the super awesome Twitter poster or funny commenter BUT I will be here supporting everyone, liking and dully commenting and just overall loving everything all bloggers do because you are all amazing and work so hard! Some posts are just so beautiful and brilliantly written and I can only hope to one day be more like you awesome bloggers! Until then, congrats to everyone on that extra like today or a new follower or a new post you’re super proud of! I’m proud of you too! I’m going to blog when I can and I hope I slowly can continue to reach out to more of you! I haven’t found a bff so if you’re looking for one? Lol. I’m right here. The Book Community is wonderful and many of you seem so natural at blogging it’s inspiring. Thank you to everyone who does take the time to comment and like any of my posts and actually respond to me! Keep up the good work everyone! 

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Has anyone else gone through this? Has life messed up your relationship with books for any temporary amount of time? How did you get through it? Any advice is welcome!






10 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up: LIFE

  1. You haven’t failed. You are a mother. Life happens. You are going to be an amazing mother first. And you are going to be an amazing blogger after that wherever it falls. Stop it. The narrative you tell yourself is the narrative you live. What would you tell your child if the read this blog to you and felt this way about themselves for these reasons?

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  2. You haven’t failed! You have a ton of other stuff going on in your life, lots of stuff that is way more important than reading. Like you said, reading is a stress relief. If you’re too stressed to read or it makes you stressed because you feel like you have to do it then it’s not the right reason to read. Eventually you’ll have more time to yourself to relax with a book that you enjoy. Try not to stress yourself out over it. I’ve had similar things happen to me before and when it becomes a chore and not fun anymore I always take a step back to re-calibrate myself.

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  3. I’m new here, but let me just tell you this: WE ALL HAVE THESE TIMES! What you do is amazing, and many people have a breakdown from even half of it. That’s normal, too. You have not failed in any way!! Do what you must, then hug your baby and don’t even think you’re a failure for anything you planned to do and you didn’t. Reading is for your own joy, blogging also, and if the pressure is too much, you do nothing wrong putting it down at the moment and do something else. If you just let yourself off the hook, a little later you might even find yourself in the mood to actually read for fun a bit. And if not – that’s okay, too! Do your job, and then do what you feel like. Even if that’s simply sleeping.

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    • I’m fairly new as well lol I think that was one of the reasons I was getting mad at myself but this weekend really helped! I spent time with my family and stayed away from all things social media and it helped A LOT! THANKS SO MUCH for your kind words this really meant so much to me, I appreciate it! These comments really made me feel so much better. ❤❤


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